Classic Cars For Hire
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Photoshoot Cars for Hire

Photoshoot Cars for Hire

Hire Classic Cars is not just a business. This is inspired by a passionate pursuit of classic cars by owner, PJ Ryan. 
We are based in Gauteng.

Drivers of these cars avoid any stressful conditions for these old cars.
Things to consider include distance, road quality, avoiding rush hour traffic and that this is a hobby for the owners.


Capture stunning images with our classic cars as props, adding a touch of timeless elegance and style to your photoshoot.

Photoshoot Props

Classic Cars for Photoshoots and Event Displays

Looking to add an extra touch of style to your photoshoot or event display? Our vintage cars are the perfect choice. Whether it’s a romantic engagement shoot, a commercial advertisement, or any other photo opportunity, our classic cars will bring a unique look and feel that sets your photos apart.

From classic convertibles to vintage station wagons and traditional sedans, we have the perfect car to complement your photoshoot.

Enhance Your Event with Classic Cars

Classic cars have a timeless appeal that seamlessly blends into any event decor. With their visually appealing designs and nostalgic charm, they create a lasting impression and add a touch of elegance to weddings, milestone birthdays, corporate functions, outdoor festivals, and more.

Beyond their aesthetic value, classic cars offer additional space for event displays and photo booths, allowing you to showcase products, artwork, or create custom backdrops. They also serve as great conversation starters, making your event more inviting and memorable.

Things to consider:

Our classic cars are not available for self-drive because classic cars can be temperamental and their owners understand their quirks and idiosyncracies best.

Gauteng Only

Based in the Northern Suburbs of Johannesburg. Services availabe in Gauteng only. Rates calculated: Distance x Duration.

Paved Road Only

Classic Cars are often too low to the ground for unpaved , uneven roads. Avoid rush hour too. Old cars can overheat in stop-start or rush hour traffic.

Owner Driven

Our classics are chauffeur driven by passionate owners. Drivers are reliable and take pleasure in sharing their cars to make memories.

2-Door or 4-Door

Some Two-Door cars may not be suitable for two back seat passengers. Spacious cars are recommended for long distances.

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